Lincolnshire Beetroot Company

Park Farm Road,
Foxhills Industrial Estate,
North Lincolnshire,
DN15 8QP


Tel 01724 786050


Alex Culbert
Sales Director  



Beetroot processing by The Lincolnshire Beetroot Co.

The Lincolnshire Beetroot Company is a beetroot processing company under the trading name of Axgro Foods. Located in North Lincolnshire we are situated closely to our suppliers who are local farmers. We supply to Retailers, Major Food Service Providers and Other Manufacturers with a variety of Flexible Vacuum, Semi Rigid Punnets and Potted products, within the UK and also exporting to Holland.

Beetroot Processing Grades

Flexible Vacuum Packed Beetroot; 
  • 250g Organic Plain Whole Cooked Beetroot
  • 300g Plain Whole Cooked Beetroot
  • 350g Plain Wedged Cooked Beetroot
  • 500g Plain Whole Cooked Beetroot
  • 500g Organic Plain Whole Cooked Beetroot 
  • 1.5kg Lightly Pickled Diced Cooked Beetroot 
Semi Rigid Punnet Beetroot;
  • 150g Infused Whole Baby Beetroot 
  • 250g Pickled Whole Beetroot
  • 300g Pickled Whole Beetroot
Potted Diced Beetroot;
  • 175g Infused Diced Beetroot 
  • 175g Pickled Diced Beetroot

We work closely with our farmers to get the best Beetroot available to us ensuring great quality produce is supplied to our customers throughout the year. 

Beetroot Packaging

All of our Flexible Vacuum packaged beetroot is cooked using a Retort system which we can programme to produce Sterilised (stored at stable ambient temperatures) or Pasteurised (stored at regulated chilled temperatures) products depending on requested specifications. The variety of pack sizes are from 250g to 1.5kg as per customer request.

Whereas our Semi Rigid Punnets and Potted Beetroot is all Steam Cooked prior to being Pickled or Infused, to be stored at chilled temperatures. The variety of pack sizes are between 150g to 300g as per customer request.

BRC Audits

The site has registered for unannounced BRC audits. This is due to the great team we have working for us within the beetroot processing company that constantly strive to keep up a high standard.